Recent Before & After Photos

The customer’s toilet supply line experienced a slow leak

This customer’s toilet supply line experienced a slow leak that caused damage to multiple areas of the home. The loss affected the bathroom, hallway and a... READ MORE

The customer's home suffered from a pipe burst

SERVPRO received an emergency call after a Jan freeze caused a pipe to burst in this customer’s home. The home unfortunately experienced complete damage. ... READ MORE

The customer experienced a leak in the dishwasher hose.

The homeowner experienced a dishwasher hose leak. Due to the water being clean, the house didn’t experience any mold, nevertheless restoration service was... READ MORE

The customer experienced a broken dishwasher valve

SERVPRO received a call because the customer’s dishwasher valve blew off and caused a major leak within the home. Although the customer was able to clean ... READ MORE

The customer's flooring experienced water damage

The customer’s washing machine line broke and affected several rooms in the home. The entrance of the home, the kitchen, pantry, dining room, living room ... READ MORE

The customer's roof experienced water damage

A leak in the customer’s roof caused water damage throughout the home. The garage and game room were heavily affected by the leak. Due to the moisture sit... READ MORE

Water Damaged Home in Pasadena Texas

Once a home has been flooded by outside water the safest thing to do is remove the wet material. Flood water can carry bacteria which is why SERVPRO of Baytown/... READ MORE

Cloverleaf Apartment with Water Damage

The leak in this apartment building started with a supply line leak wet thoroughly the walls and flooring. The first picture shows what the area looked like aft... READ MORE

Movie Theater Damage, Houston Texas

This movie theater suffers a lot of damage because of the latest storm. The storm drains could not handle all the water causing them to back up and flood the su... READ MORE

Channel View Texas Flooding

Storms come through Texas regularly causing a lot of devastation. The first picture is of a restaurant in Channel View Texas with flood water still inside. Not ... READ MORE